Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You’re welcome to email me at: or through my contact page.

How often will we meet?

For coaching to be most effective it requires a commitment to regularly attend sessions. Depending on the type of intervention, either weekly or fortnightly works best. Your session time will be secured for you by our mutual agreement, this time is set aside exclusively for your young person and is usually on the same day and time each week. I also understand with young people that times can and do change so can offer flexibility with sufficient notice.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available to suit.

What happens if we arrive early or late to sessions?

As we book appointments at specific times, I may not be able to see you if you arrive outside of the agreed times.

If you arrive early, I will ask you to wait until your appointment time. Similarly, if you arrive late, I cannot extend the session to compensate.

If you are over 15 minutes late and have not contacted me, I will assume you are not coming and will consider that cancellation without notice which is fully chargeable.

How do I cancel a session?

If before 8am on the day of the session please call or email ASAP.

Cancellations before 8am of the morning of the session will not be charged. If you cancel after that, or if you cannot attend, you will still need to pay for the appointment as I have committed the time.

What if my young person doesn’t want to engage?

I tailor my sessions around your young person and their interests. I also have access to and am able to quickly change to many other activities, games and crafts. Sessions are young person lead and focused. It can take time before a young person is able to fully engage, this is a part of the process.

I do not want to waste anyone’s time or money so if I feel there are significant roadblocks that I will not be able to overcome I will discuss this with you and potentially signpost to a more appropriate service.

What happens if Solent Youth Coaching cancels the appointment?

Occasionally circumstances might prevent me from delivering a session as agreed. I will give you as much notice as possible if this happens. I will not charge you for appointments that I cancel and will do my best to re-book at a time that best suits you.

Are there Children or Young People you are not able work with?

I am able to work with children and young people over a wide variety of issues and circumstances. Generally, this is manageable by tweaks to my approach but it does very much depend on the specific issue(s) and personal circumstances. This would be a part of the initial consultation.

As a general rule, I am not able to assist with:

  • Those currently undertaking counselling (If they are waiting for sessions to start then I can work while they are still waiting)
  • Those requiring a medical diagnosis (I m not a GP or part of CAMHS)

My question isn’t listed.

Please get in touch via my contact page to discuss.